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How to create a standard Payment plan?
How to create a standard Payment plan?

Learn how to easily setup a simple payment plan for your customers

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Our Recurring Payments feature allows you to easily bill customers on a recurring basis, we'll automatically charge their card according to the payment plan and take care of everything else.

Start by launching the Payment Plan form by clicking on 'Create payment' then selecting 'Payment Plan' from the dropdown:

Hint: Click the image above to be taken instantly to the Payment Plan form
Continue by filling out the initial information in the highlighted red boxes, like the Plan name, Amount and Description:

Now select the frequency of the Payment Plan, either Weekly or Monthly:

Note: If you want create a Payment Plan with more advanced features like Setup fee's or Redirect URL's we suggest checking more of our articles on Recurring Payments for more information

If your happy with your choices then simple press Create plan and that's it!

You can start inviting your customers to the plan by sharing the link or we can automatically invite them to the plan via an email:

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